Top 8 Nokia Smartphone 2013

top 8 nokia smartphone 2013

Here list of top 8 Nokia smartphone for year 2013. 6 of 8 are Lumia family. Flagship Nokia smartphone for now. Nokia Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8 OS come with unique features like Nokia Music+, HERE Maps, MS Office on the go and a super fast 4G Internet connection. Lumia series has been released on this year.

Nokia N9, the only one from 2011 year release on best 8. From 2012, Nokia 808 PureView with 41 MP camera resolution on 8th position.

1. Nokia Lumia 900
2. Nokia Lumia 920
3. Nokia Lumia 928
4. Nokia N9
5. Nokia Lumia 800
6. Nokia Lumia 720
7. Nokia Lumia 822
8. Nokia 808 PureView

The rank of top Nokia phones above according to Engadget ranking.

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