How to replace MacBook pro battery

MacBook pro battery replacement is never that complicated. However there are different models of MacBook pro. In this article, we are going to discuss in general an alternative way of replacing MacBook pro battery.

15 inch retina MacBook pro models

These kinds of models have what we call integrated 95 watt-out lithium polymer battery. This batteries are not designed to be replaced by the users. This is because apple has actually glued the battery in a fixed position. This also includes the latest models.

Official replacement option

In the past, when the battery no longer worked for longer periods, it is important to take the entire notebook to apple, to have the battery replaced.

The company has posted detailed information regarding this in their company website. Prices differ from one country to the other. For instance in the US it only costs $199. Those who reside near the apple store can have their batteries replaced in one day while those who live far can use mail which may take up to 4 days.

Self-replacement and cost effective

Self-replacement is not that easy because of the fact that apple use huge amounts of glue to attach their battery. Therefore self-replacement is potentially harmful.

Installing the battery

Slowly and carefully insert the edge of your battery into the battery bay.

While holding the tab of the battery, gently, lower the battery into the bay and push down carefully to make sure that the battery connector is fitted well.

Then lift the locking lever.

Align the tabs and the corners of the access door with your MacBook pro bottom case.

Press down the access down carefully, until it is fitted or rather flashed with the bottom case.

The last thing to do is to lower the locking lever.

The above simple steps will help you replace your battery. After all who said MacBook pro battery replacement is complicated?

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