Color Switch Game Review

Game Review

Color switch is a puzzle game based on tapping for controls. The Android version of the game is engaging and highly addictive. The game is created by Fortafy Games and is their sole creation so far. It has quite a great following considering the fact that Google play has recorded more than 50 million installations and considering the fact there exist some other installation methods. At the same time, the game has been rated over a half million times and has a rating of 4.5 out of the possible five thus translating to 90% which is not a mean achievement for a game in this category. It is also worth noting that these ratings have been constant since the introduction of the game.


Color Switch requires that you only pass through the obstacle at a point where the color of the obstacle is similar to that of the ball or element you choose to play with. To do this, you have to hover over the surface by constantly tapping on the screen Failure to this; the ball will hit the obstacle at the point where the colors are not similar that will leave you dead. From my experience, the number of times that I died were several, and it left me hooked. The game comes in four different modes, and that is Easy, Medium, Hard, and Reverse. In the reverse option, rather than the ball falling it moves up, and this creates a challenge of a kind.


The current release of Color Switch, which is version 3.0.0 has an installation size of 30 Mb, and your device will have to be of Android version 3.0 and above so as to support this game. The game is in the freeware category which means it is free to download and play though itís Ad supported. You can download from Google PlayStore the game app.

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