Chevrolet Orlando Specifications, Engineering, and Pictures

Product quality and high-performance cars are owned by one of the world-renowned manufacturer of United States of America, namely Chevrolet. Already many cars that were created by him, in which all the products he invented a car that you need not doubt. As owned by Chevrolet Orlando, which is inserted into the car MPV variant has a spacious cabin with a seating 7 there in.

2016 Chevrolet Orlando Specifications, Engineering, and PicturesChevrolet Orlando

In addition, its performance is fairly powerful, especially supported by cubication 1800 cc engine and 6 speed transmission triptonic, make it handling performance and high value. And most importantly, the gearshift was carrying was not only able to walk with automatic transmission, but you as a user can turn instantly into a manual transmission with ease.

Then to the security features, as well as automobile products made by other Chevrolet, which also gives the manufacturer the provision of high-class security features, such as electronic stability control that can prevent slippage. Because during a sudden braking is performed by the driver, the Chevrolet Orlando is automatically perform corrective braking to the wheel right, so help you can immediately gain control back.

Do not just stop there, Car MPV artificial Chevrolet this one also provides great convenience with comfort features that exist within the cabin his, as seating is flexible complete together panels of high-tech with the arrangement so neatly, that impressed him wide and loose, as well as convenient driven near and far distances. and to know the full details of the Chevrolet MPV.

We start from the outside design of Chevrolet Orlando is a show with dimensions large enough size for the class of MPV. Where the car carrying the concept is quite interesting to see crossover, shared full size hand lamp great shape, which can provide lights so bright with the distance light far enough, plus two light fog at the bottom, so that the user can create a more focused view of foresight even in dark and foggy. Then the design is also placed on each side grille with chrome accents, making it seem more elegant. Moreover, Chevrolet emblem in the middle plus-sized, made his appearance more steady.

Further in the back, pinned two pairs of lamp is designed separately, which makes the brake lights can be seen clearly. There is also a Utility Roof Bar on the roof, where the presence of these features, you as a user can carry or transport goods in bulk, such as a suitcase of clothes, bikes and more without having to make this part abrasions. Outside mirrors are also included which can be driven electrically from inside the car, so you do not have to bother again while setting the review mirror Chevrolet Orlando. In addition, Chevrolet is also using a wheel with a large enough size 17 inch. the existence of these wheels as well as the design of its body, suggesting that the high flexibility of the car can also be present in the view interesting.

Moving to the inside, you will find a large cabin space car-style MPV. But it differs from the usual, Chevrolet designed it with a flourish, which Dual Cockpit inspired by the Corvette of the interior, and adding sophisticated panels are arranged like a wave, making look more spacious and roomy. The tools also placed precise control, which will allow the driver to reach them. Chevrolet inside it including joint filling full of entertainment features that would be a high functionality on a touchscreen LCD panel, which is integrated with AUX-IN, Radio or CD Player with MP3 CD Capability, and a USB port.

Where the presence of these features, you can play music with the sound of audio a super steady, but still comfortably in the ear. Interestingly, you also juxtaposed feature Steering Wheel Mounted Audio Controls section of the wheel, which will allow you to adjust the volume or change tracks directly from the steering wheel, so you can still focus-term outlook in order to maintain the safety of driving more. on the other hand, as we have talked above about the high flexibility of the Chevrolet Orlando. From 7 seat carries, at least you as a user can turn it into 16 different combinations of seating GCC tailored to the needs of luggage, of course, without reducing the existing sense of comfort.

Talk comfortable, does not differ much from the safe word. Will uncover two words in made cars Chevrolet MPV is pretty amazing, which provides many additional features Chevrolet, which include: Dual Airbags with the function to minimize a collision on the front passenger and driver. do not forget to Chevrolet also combine together seat belt in every part of the seat to ensure comfort to every passenger inside it of the result of an accident, there is also immobilizer in a way work “only the holder of the key can start the engine Chevrolet Orlando”.

Then to support the existing comfort, the Chevrolet Orlando is also equipped with McPherson strut type suspension at the front, while the rear suspension chevrolet embed Compound Crank Rear Axle types. And combined brake ventilated discs and solid discs at the rear, and fully supported their features high technology such as ABS, BED, + PBA, which in the presence of all that, the balance is maintained, the braking can be done optimally, as well as the most important thing you can do the braking suddenly in a variety of conditions without having experienced skid tires, and quickly you can take over the helm as normal.

And ya the most awaited of the many features and sectors on the Chevrolet Orlando, which is part of chamber pacemaker powerful that perform optimally with the stock engine 1800cc which supervise four-cylinder inline engine, and combined transmission types triptonic 6 speed, MPV cars from Chevrolet one is able channel high handling and maximum power of 141 PS at 6200 rpm each round machine, and for torque himself to reach a score of 176 NM at 3800 rpm, which is able to provide a more pleasant driving experience plus exciting and tough to through various fields.

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