Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon Fire Phone Review

Amazon has entered the battle field to meet head on with other big champions like Samsung and Apple by introducing the Amazon fire phone.

The fire phone is a 4.7 inch handset, 720 X 1280 display with 32GB memory storage ,a 2.2 GHZ processor and 13 megapixel rear camera. The Fire is running on Amazon Fire OSv3.5 with its own apps store which is way different from Android. One of its unique features is the numerous cameras that create a 3D effect on the photos and the unlimited online cloud storage of these photos. With 5 cameras at the front designed from a built in optical image stabilizer, the dynamic perspective feature works itself out to produce high-tech 3D graphics even in poor light.

Scan anything that comes your way with the firefly be it a house, a car, furniture and buy them directly from Amazon. This feature enables the user get detailed information about the objects.

Imagine scrolling down a webpage by simply tilting the fire, it sure sounds interesting. This feature has been incorporated by other companies before but did not turn out too well. The Amazon Fire phone review will be open to proove that these feature works.

The fire phone has distinguished itself greatly with the special software’s and incredible services that it provides. It’s deeply implanted in the Amazon system that it can predict what TV shows or music you want to watch and it starts downloading them for you. According the the Amazon Fire Phone review,the magnetic ear buds are just cool as they join when not in use to have tangling. The mayday service is quite a plus in ensuring the user gets instant help whenever you have questions or are stuck.

Watch out for the release date and get yourself one with 12 months of Amazon prime Subscription service free.

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